The Most Follow-Worthy Interior Design Instagram Accounts

You’re probably spending a lot of time on social media because you’re stuck at home during the quarantine. Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge! While you’re at it, you might want to check out these interior design Instagram accounts! Whether you want to see home styling inspiration or you just want to pass time, these accounts will surely indulge you with great content. Ready to scroll through pages after pages of amazing photos? Take a look at our favorite accounts below!

Kelly Wearstler


Kelly Wearstler is a Los Angeles-based designer, globally recognized for her interdisciplinary style and expansive collections of lifestyle product designs. Some of her accolades include Elle Décor’s A-List, Architectural Digest’s AD100, and Time Magazine The Design 100.

She’s known for her juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, evident in this NYC townhouse project. The eyes go straight to the colored checkerboard marble floor which energizes the entryway. The neutral wainscoting in the wall is adorned by two panels of contemporary art giving it an extra layer of detail.

She’s also praised for being a maximalist. This bedroom styling is full of unusual pieces—the contemporary dresser, accent chairs, unique lamps, and even a quirky rug. There’s so much to look at but it all makes sense because of the cohesive color palette.

Kelly’s page is a burst of color and visual interest. It’s a great account to look at if you want to feast on details. If you want a more extensive interior design knowledge from Kelly, check out her lecture at MasterClass.



If you want even more color, Dabito is your guy! His company, Old Brand New, is known for its use of bold and unexpected color palettes matched with intricate styling pieces. Their projects are full of vivid hues that will surely brighten up your feed.

Take a look at how he transformed his own living space throughout the years. The use of color is phenomenal! As a designer himself, it must be a challenge to keep his own place interesting. You can see how many times he switched up pieces like pillows, art, and rugs to bring life to the space. It proves that a few simple fixes can change the look of your home completely.

This outdoor patio is like a painting that came to life! There’s an array of colors and patterns all throughout, balanced by the plain white couch. This makes for a perfect place to entertain guests. Imagine a chill afternoon here with your best buddies, what a fun time!

It’s honestly hard to choose a favorite from Dabito’s account. You have to see the photos for yourself!

Emily Henderson


Emily’s design style is more on the simple side but she’s not afraid to introduce colors to her projects. She loves to play with white canvases and to inject interesting visual pieces to liven up the space.

This living room is made appealing by the variety of wood tones and textures. It’s a classic way to give the space a better appeal as it moves the eyes across different layers. Color is introduced to the space with the use of pillows and a few knick-knacks.

This playroom is a fun play of colors and gives out good vibes! The walls are white with outlines of fun characters for simplicity because the truth is this room is probably always going to be messy! It balances out the colors from the toys stored in the shelves. Any kid would be lucky to have this room.

Emily has thousands of wonderful projects on her account and we’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll love!

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Jessica Helgerson is a Portland-based interior designer who serves clients nationwide. What we love about her projects is her ability to cater to many different styles. Her account features eclectic designs such as rustic, classic, and contemporary projects. She does it all, and she does it well!

Take a look at how she uses minimal pieces that exude elegance combined in this open living space. It is gorgeous, functional, and perfectly answers their client’s needs. Also, check out this bathroom renovation project that melds natural and contemporary elements together. Who knew a bathroom could look this interesting? It is simply amazing. This black and white kitchen is also a sight to behold! The guests would probably be here all the time just to see how beautiful it is!

The variety of projects shared in Jessica Helgerson’s account is surreal. We could honestly talk about a lot more of their projects, but we’ll leave that up to you! Her Instagram is a gift that keeps on giving.

Amber Interiors


For more muted projects, check out Amber Interiors. While their design style is eclectic, their projects usually feature natural materials like wood and stone. They add depth to their work with the use of varying colors, patterns, and natural styling elements.

The woodwork in this living room just melds together perfectly. The different colors of the ceiling wood beams, cabinets, and coffee table provide interesting layers and a lived-in feel to the space. The fluffy chairs even add a more cozy feel. It’s a perfect space to hang out with your family.

It’s also cool to see the way they blend natural materials with modern appliances in this kitchen. All the storage spaces were built with wood, accentuated with metal accessories and gold kitchen fixtures. The marble island and countertops remain functional while adding another texture to the space. The place feels inviting.

They are masters at the use of earth tones and natural materials. If you love those two things, you have to follow them now!

Studio McGee


Studio McGee is one of the biggest design studios in Utah. They have over 1.3 million followers on Instagram where they share their Instagram-worthy projects. They don’t shy away from sharing the nitty-gritty details of their work, and it’s nice to learn tips and tricks just from scrolling through their beautiful feed. They also write about their work on their blog.

They acknowledge that social media is one of the building blocks of their success that’s why they have a wide array of projects to look at. You can see works like their custom cabinet builds and their use of products from their own furnishings and homeware brand McGee & Co.

Aside from photos, they have many IGTV episodes where they feature the projects they are currently working on and styling tips. They even share details of their own home in The McGee Home Series! It’s fun to see how their builds happen from start to finish.

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