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Joel Newby

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Professional philosophy

Create an experience. Whether it be purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing loan, doing a mortgage can be a daunting task. It is only by communicating effectively and understanding a potential client’s core goals that allows you to exceed them. Having the understanding and knowledge from years of experience and studying the industry, I maintain my client’s best interest and come up with various solutions even when their initial goals may not be met so that we can meet them in the future. This is what separates myself from my peers and allows me to create an experience.


Joel started his mortgage career at one of the nation’s largest direct lenders back in 2013.   Early on he showed drive, the desire to learn and grow.  In 2014 he was hand selected to assist with starting a new division in the company which primarily focused on client retention and customer satisfaction.  While there he received multiple awards for monthly, quarterly, and annual performance achievements as well as various customer service accolades.  Being well versed in mortgage guidelines as well as focusing his business on building relationships has allowed Joel to become a consistent top performer.  Joel believes you must get to know someone prior to discussing loan options so that together, you can come up with the best option to meet each home-owner’s specific needs.  Maintaining relationships long after the loan funds is crucial.  The experience does not end when the transaction ends.  Joel hopes to be the one that assists you, your family, and friends with any and all mortgage needs.    

Joel is originally from Connecticut and relocated to Orange County, CA.  Maintaining a strong work life balance is important as well as being active in his local community.  When not working, Joel loves being outdoors and hiking the local trails.  This is where he maps out life goals and how to achieve them.  He also loves spending time with family and watching his niece and nephew grow up.  Joel is engaged to be married to his best friend later this year.  He enjoys music, random late night dance offs, and traveling with her.  His relationship is based on laughter, love, and always communicating.  He believes a strong sense of humor is the key to happiness.  He looks forward to starting a family of his own.