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Krista Pace, a dedicated Loan Officer at Lender Express, hails from the picturesque coast of Oregon, where her journey in the mortgage industry began. In the winter of 2007, she ventured to the vibrant state of Arizona, bringing with her a commitment to exceptional customer service and a passion for helping individuals achieve their homeownership dreams.

As a seasoned professional in the mortgage field, Krista understands that one of the most crucial attributes for a loan officer is a profound commitment to superior customer service. She firmly believes that a successful loan officer should consistently surpass customer expectations, offering personalized advice and solutions tailored to each borrower’s unique needs. Krista’s dedication is not limited to her borrowers alone; she is readily accessible and responsive to all parties involved in the lending process, fostering a transparent and smooth experience for everyone.

With Krista Pace as your Loan Officer at Lender Express, you can expect a supportive guide who will navigate you through the complexities of the mortgage process with a friendly smile and an unwavering dedication to your financial goals. Trust Krista to be your partner on your homeownership journey, and let her expertise make your dreams a reality.

Feel free to contact Krista Pace at (480) 331-3569 or at [email protected] for all your mortgage needs and inquiries.